Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Party

Let's have a party, shall we? Any of these yummy desserts on the cover of Better Homes And Gardens magazine would be just right for your holiday dinner- especially if served upon those lovely milk glass heart-shaped plates!
More ideas to grace your table:

And here is a party for children , complete with the large decorated box as a centerpiece to hold the Valentine cards, and goodies to eat!
I think they should be decorating those heart-shaped cookies on the table!
You could always make this rather odd-looking cake on the cover of Woman's Home Companion. (Or not.)

And don't forget cards for your favorite Valentines!

Here is an adorable example I found here in the house:

I did a Valentine card exchange with Bethany over at Bitter Betty Blogs. It was fun! Here is the card I made for her:
and the inside:
And here is the Valentine she sent to me! Beautiful. I want a pair of espadrilles like hers:

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!


Lorlore said...

Cute card you made, Heidi!! Great post!! Happy Hearts Day!!!!

Viewliner Ltd. said...

Happy Valentine's Day girls!

yosemite faith said...

desert for breakfast always sounds good. happy valentines day y'all.

Anthony said...

Heidi, such a FUN post!

You just knew I'd love the colorful illustration of the children in their party hats sitting 'round the table, didn't you?!

The Valentine card that you made is very CUTE! But I must say, the little bee in the girl's bonnet IS a tad creepy with the head of a boy on it... Oh, and Bethany's card is also quite nice. Btw, what are espadrilles?

Tina Dawn said...

Your homemade valentines are just perfect. Anthony, espadrilles are shoes. They are made of canvas or cloth with rope around the bottom, and lots of times have ties on the upper that go around your ankle. Gold Sis T

Bitterbetty said...

I loved getting your Valentine. You never get to call yourself un-crafty again!

It is an amazing card!