Monday, February 22, 2010

Thrifting Again

I showed you this paperweight earlier with the other Valentine-themed items I had thrifted. I didn't care much for it in it's original state:

So I removed the backing, and figured I would replace it with a vintage card instead. This one, maybe?

Or, better yet, perhaps this lovely Victorian style example?

I never did decide. Mostly because I was hesitant to use an original vintage card. I'll figure something out.
Anyway, here are two more of my little angels I found at thrift stores - March and May. The little boy angel for May is appropriate - my husband was born in May. I also found the lovely pink and white crocheted collar, and the daisy floral tablecloth you can barely see in the background.

I've shown you some of my collection of punchwork or needlepunch pillow tops before. I found another one! Lovely colorful tulips in a basket:
I couldn't resist the little Sunshine baker salt shaker and this cute little quail, our state bird:
I found a pretty, large hand-painted wooden tray, decorated with dogwood flowers:

A nice vintage tablecloth, and another set of Vera napkins - sunflowers this time:

This adorable little girl planter:

This is one of several fabric samples I've found - I have featured it before as a backdrop. Here you can see how bright the orange and yellow floral pattern is:

I have found a number of things with cheerful sunny florals lately. I like them.
Have a bright, "sun shiny" day!


Tina Dawn said...

Love the pillowtop and the quail. Great finds Sis. Love T

yosemite faith said...

tulips are one of my faves. i live the lady and flower card best. that sunshine baker shaker is a great find.

farmlady said...

You don't have to use you cool old postcards.., just make copies on regular print paper and use the copy to adhere to the back of the paperweight. It actually works better because the paper isn't as thick.
Love all your pretty finds.