Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Mucha And My Sort-Of Scrapbooking

I took some pretty scrapbook pages,(mostly ones that came in kits from Close To My Heart), and decided to put them together with Alphonse Mucha images from my old calendars.
I am very happy with the results:
They look so pretty together:
Some of them matched better than others:
But I just felt compelled to put them together:
Don't they look pretty?

Mucha's ladies are all so strikingly beautiful:

Some of them were perfect together!

I am sorry to say that "marrying" my calendar clip art with the 12 by 12 pages was as far as I got!
They await further embellishment.
One of these days.


Lorlore said...

Great job Heidi!! Aren't Close To My Heart papers great!! Love that scrapbooking/stamping Company!!! Their motto is 'Keep it super simple', and you were able to do just that and they look gorgeous!!

yosemite faith said...

good job and you ARE crafty.

Anthony said...

I've always loved Alphonse Mucha's art! It's so unique, in addition to being a perfect textbook example of the whole Art Nouveau style.

You've got yourself quite a good eye there for matching up color themes, missy! Plus, you're just so resourceful the way you've re-purposed those past Mucha calendar images instead of throwing them out!

Now, don't you have a few "photos" you could put in your scrapbook? ;)

Tina Dawn said...

Very nice job. Always loved Mucha. I have about 5 scrapbooks I did with nasurtium stuff but didn't make it all fancy like yours. You have a definite knack for matching. Love T

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Beautiful job, Heidi! I think they're pretty just the way they are! Twyla