Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Thrift Finds from Lori

Some more thrift finds from recent trips.
3 candle holders which I will clean up and possibly paint.

Adorable Fairy game for my grand daughter one day.

Spell-A-Puzzle for the grandsons, and an unused beeswax kit.

Vintage plastic Gerber baby cup:

Betty Crocker and Farm Journal cookbooks that I did not have yet:

The Margaret Rudkin Pepperidge Farm Cookbook, 40 years old, has great illustrations and looks very interesting, a keeper!!

Beautiful pair of green candle holders made by Pearl China Company, and a sugar bowl I have a plan for:

Mary Engelbreit candle holder, ME teapot ornament, sheep planter, angel figurine, glass jar and trim novelties wiggly eyes:

3 rubber stamps (love the quail one!!), and a vintage game:

That's it for now. We just love to share all the great bargains we find thrifting!!!!


Heidi Ann said...

Neat stuff- and finding it sure is fun, isn't it?

yosemite faith said...

lori you really hit the jackpot did you not? so many nice finds.

Tina Dawn said...

Wow. Love the Gerber baby on the plastic cup, and the adorable Fairy game. Love T

one gal's trash said...

I love the name HUCK for my new concrete boyfriend! Thanks!

Stacey said...

Looks like you found some fabulous deals- I especially like the Gerber plastic cup- Very vintage. Thanks for visiting my blog and wishing me a happy birthday- It's always nice to meet new friends!

Jennifer D said...

Great finds again, you girls know how to shop. I love those wooden candlesticks, I would paint them for sure. Thanks for sharing.