Friday, August 13, 2010

California State Fair 2010

Ahhh, the State Fair - we try to go every year. Lori and I managed to make it there again last month. In fact, she had scored us a great deal which resulted in HALF the price we would have paid for admission, parking and a Monorail ride. Quite often it is the only fair I attend all year.
U, U, U - I'm in love with "U"

As always, we took in all of the sights, and enjoyed every bit of it.
The sunflowers smiled down upon us from above:

And the corn was as high as an elephant's eye:
We always make sure to see all of the exhibits. I snapped some pictures of a few of my favorite things. I liked this unusual painting, titled "Retrograde" by Kristy Dalay of Placer County:
And this chair was the most beautiful piece of furniture entered, in my opinion! Dubbed "The Sleeping Oak", and crafted by a Jr. High student named Khanh Dang from Alameda County. Gorgeous:

This was in one of the county exhibits - sorry I don't recall which one. Looks like my kind of campsite!

Loved this Gold Miner's Cabin scene - I forgot to write down the name of the entrant who created it:
This fountain looked refreshing!

We spied the tortoise:
..and the hare:
Sleepy piglets:

And an Iron Horse-Of-A-Different-Color:

We saw no lions, no tigers....but bears?
Oh, my!

Lots of bears - after all, the California Grizzly IS our state animal:
I DID manage to resist"The Lure Of The Fudge" - but it was more about not wanting to spend the money than it was about not wanting the fudge!
And we had a yummy fish taco plate for dinner:

We always have fun - under the hot sun and the bright blue California sky:
I hope we make it again next year!


Tina Dawn said...

Love the little miner's cabin and the fish tacos! Wish I could have gone. One of these days I will get my hip fixed and go with! Great photos. Love T

yosemite faith said...

while living in calif i was spoiled by how wonderful the state fair is - not all states provide such a wonderful one - as i am re-learning since moving. of course the economy of michigan is so much different from when i left in the late 70's. that fair is a good one with lots to see and do. great pics heidi - john will be jealous when i share your fish taco adventure. one of his favorites!

Zootsuitmama said...

Looks so fun. I've never been to a State fair..I will go someday. Your pix makes it look so inviting! Zootsuitmama

moonshinejunkyard said...

i love this post! gives me a little taste of the fair since i didn't get to go this year. great photos and the food and fudge looked yummy.