Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Childcraft: Poems of Early Childhood

Sister Lori here sharing another vintage children's book.
Childcraft, Volume One, from 1947, with lots of different illustrators, my favorite being Eloise Wilkin.

Inside the front and back covers:

On the introductory page:

Cute kids and pink blossoms:

My favorite artist with Pat-A-Cake and Ride a Cockhorse:

The Old Woman in the Shoe - sorry, I didn't realize this page was so torn up. The book has been well loved!

Another by my favorite:



Remember this one? We used to sing it!

And with this last one, I bid you good day or good night:


Jill said...

That sure brought back memories. I looove that book-- so sweet!

Heidi Ann said...

I believe I have a copy of that, too, and well I remember it from when we were little! I am sure that is why, to this day, all three of us love Eloise Wilkin- and many other illustrators, as well!

yosemite faith said...

i was lucky enough to have parents that provided us with lots of books. this one i did not have the pleasure of having. love the outside, the inside covers and really everything else about it!! thanks for sharing.

Tina Dawn said...

If I remember right this was the book with the Calico Cat and the Ginham Dog in it which was my total favorite of the whole book. Love that rhyme. Thank you so much for sharing this lovley book. Love T

Brandon Conner said...

I have this book as well, and while the Childcraft: Poems for Early Childhood was origionally published in 1947, the copy that you and I have was actually a reprint released in 1954, so in fact, the book in your pictures is 7 years newer than what you have stated that it is. Not trying to be rude, just letting you know... :-) And Yes, it is an amazing book!

Kristeen Bullwinkle said...

I wrote about my favorites at http://honey.delobi.us/2009/08/childcraft-poems-and-artwork/.
Such great memories.

Serena Turner said...

I have this book and my grandma readit to my dad, and he read it to me. I am trying to to repair it any ideas?

Saskia W. said...

Hi - what beautiful reproductions from this book; may I trouble you to kindly check whether there's a specific poem in this volume which begins "Did you ever dig to China in your own backyard?" -- and if so, the author name and page #? Many thanks!!

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Saskia, It was actually my sister who wrote this post, and she has moved recently, so all of her books are packed away, but I have the same book, so I did look through it for you, and there is no poem inside that begins with that line. I even looked through another large vintage volume of children's poetry that I have, and couldn't find it in there, either.
Sorry that I wasn't able to be of any help to you. I wish you luck in your search - and I'd love to hear back from you, if you are ever able find out something more.

Saskia W. said...

Hi Heidi, thanks so much for your reply! I appreciate knowing, and will keep searching for this poem. Someone told me a while back it was in the Childcraft series but I'm not sure which edition, nor whether that line I provided was a poem of its own or a stanza within another poem. I will bookmark this web page and leave word if I come across it. Thank you again and take care!

carolyn keck said...

Love this it brings back many memories. can you post the page with the ducks in the pond or the quangle wangle quee