Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gopher In The House!

Gold Country Sis Lori here:
OK, this is kind of comical, but not really, as I don't like these things in my house!!!
Here's the story:
When I get up in the morning and it is cool out, I open my sliding door in my bedroom a bit to allow my cats to go enjoy being outside a while. They are mostly inside cats but love my little yard and because over the fence and down an embankment is a busy road, I limit their time outdoors.
Well, after getting a shower and then a cup of coffee upstairs, I came back down to my bedroom to find my younger cat playing with a gopher inside the sliding door. Oh horrors, what do I do!! I watched a minute and it was kind of funny because the cat would bat at the gopher and he would turn and look him in the eye, as if to say, leave me alone darnit!!!
So they got into my small bathroom, which was good because I could shut the door, and I grabbed a shoebox and cornered him, with the cat out of the picture now, and managed to capture him in the box. Then upstairs, to get my camera, and back outside, where I released him into the wild. Hopefully he goes over the fence and down to the road somewhere far, far away!!!!

I really don't like them critters in my house!!!!!!

Bye, bye, little guy!


Mick said...

Oh wow! Did the cats bring him in or did he come in through the open door? My cat Felix has had his "look what I found" moment. Last year I had a dinner party in my Screened in front porch ( but the screens were 67 years, brown and rotting) well we all kep tseeing and hearing felix mewoing outside but just thought he wanted our food. Well that cat jumpped up to the porch rail broke through the rotten screen hopped and hopped onto the dinner table with the biggest RAT in his mouth id even seen! Well now that he had our attenchion, naturally he dropped on the table... AND IT WAS STILL ALIVE! Haha we finally kicked both cat and rat out the front door and dinner was over! haha

Lorlore said...

I'm not sure Mick, he could of wandered in by himself, but I am guessing the cats either coaxed him or chased him in. They have brought in lizards as well!!

Claudia said...

But he is awfully cute!


Heidi Ann said...

Yes - this story IS comical - cracked me up!! I guess we're lucky Dizzy hasn't ever gotten any little critters inside!

Tina Dawn said...

Luna brings all her catches up to the front door and meouws in a certain way to make sure I come and see. Usually they are still alive. Could be a gopher, mouse or lizard. Then she usually "lets them go" just to catch them again. About a month ago a big lizard got into the house and lived there for over two weeks. I saw him in the living room, dining room, laundry room. My hubby finally caught him in the kitchen and let him out. Luna will probably catch him again but for now he is an outside lizard again. Love T

Jill said...

Oh, he is so cute-- just look at that face!!


Heidi Ann said...

NOBODY puts Gophie in a corner!
(Tee hee.)

yosemite faith said...

my thoughts exactly heidi. when we lived in copperopolis we had a sliding door with an insert with a pet door. amazing what the cats would bring in thru that door!!!!! bats, moles, snakes, mice, in michigan its been mice, gophers, moles, squirrels, chipmunks and a little baby weasel! even though we have pet doors - we lock them in at night.

moonshinejunkyard said...

awwww, he's cute! i'm glad you released him back into the wild, at the risk of your poor yard. what a wild morning!