Friday, August 27, 2010

More - From a Thrift Store...

A few more recent finds from yard sales and thrift stores: A nice Edwin M. Knowles platter (apparently I am a platter freak, too), a small original painting by Anita, a pretty green planter, some lace notions, and a pretty fabric remnant:
I got a kick out of the fact that both my painting and my remnant - found at different shops on the same day - both featured blue coffee pots:
A gorgeous wood tray with reverse painted glass insert, another pretty fabric remnant, nice Melmac bowl, and a pot lid that I couldn't resist because of it's pretty color and style:
A nice vintage TV tray with anthuriums:

A great tablecloth, a small Dala horse (to go with the bigger one that I already had), nice Mid-Century style pitcher and salad serving set, a vintage Whitman book, and a green salt and pepper set:

There's a story behind that green salt and pepper set. Do you ever decide you want some specific thing and go on a quest to find it at the thrift shops you frequent? I already had two nice wooden pepper mills here at home that I used regularly. A tall dark wooden one, and a shorter one in a "blond" wood shade. I used the dark one for black pepper and the light for white peppercorns. Then I ran out of white peppercorns and could not find them ANYWHERE. I looked at every store I could in at least five counties - even had people looking in other areas. No luck. Months went by. My husband thought I was a bit crazy for insisting that I needed white peppercorns. But what would I put in my light wood pepper mill if I had none? Oh - the great problems of life, right? (Snicker.) I finally gave up and got some green peppercorns instead. Just not the same. Then we went to O'Brien's Market in Modesto - and guess what we found?? So - then I decided I "needed" a green pepper mill to transfer my green ones into, to free up the blond shaker - right? (Yes - I know this is a long story and that you are thinking - yep, she's a crazy woman, all right. I won't argue with you.) I wanted a VINTAGE pepper mill and I wanted a GREEN one. Kept an eye out on all of my "thrifting" jaunts. And before long, I found the EXACT thing I wanted. And it came with a salt shaker - actually didn't need that - but who am I to separate them when they've been side by side for all these years?
So- if you come to eat at my house, you will have your choice of THREE shades of freshly ground pepper.
Problem solved.
Crazy woman done writing.


Lorlore said...

Loving your thrift finds!! And I will happily use the pepper mills when I am visiting!! Sometimes I find what I am looking for, other things I am still looking!!!

Tina Dawn said...

Sorry, I only eat RED pepper. ;-)
I constantly feel a pull toward a certain thrift store and when I get there always find a special "collectible" meant just for me. It's a gift. Love T

~~Carol~~ said...

Nope, you're not crazy at all! At least not to me. We've all got our little quirks, don't we? I like that pitcher and the tray, and I love when a theme unintentionally develops while out thrifting!
I sent you an email....I got the package!
Happy Weekend!

yosemite faith said...

john & i are both pepper lovers - so for many reasons i understand perfectly. my very first 'home' er apt when i was first married had a linoleum floor (not squares but solid 'sheet') it was dk blue with an insert of creamy white inset along the outside. in the middle was a creamy white round circle with a dk blue coffee pot in the center. i loved that flooring and i loved that apt so much. our 40th wedding anniversary is sunday so it will be 40 years ago this weekend we moved in to the apt i loved so much.

Mitzi Curi said...

Nice collection of thrifty finds! I'm a pepper lover, and like it freshly ground....sea salt, too.

moonshinejunkyard said...

Yessss! That story is pretty much the best thing i've heard all day. I love neurotic thrifting desires/finds/ that is a true woman's heart!