Monday, August 23, 2010

What's Penny Wearing? #33 Gunne Sax Skirt

Yes, I have definitely shown you vintage Gunne Sax before - but here's another one: this gorgeous skirt from the 1970's.
I just LOVED Gunne Sax clothing back then. Couldn't get enough of it - so I got whatever I could!
I love this skirt:
Such pretty detailing, like all the Gunnes had:

I think I found the perfect blouse to pair with it back then!
The beautiful necklace was a Christmas work gift exchange present, from a dear lady named Barbara. I believe I got the nicest gift of anyone that year- and I think she made it!
Hope you enjoyed Penny's latest installment of "Let's dress up in Heidi's old clothes that don't fit her anymore."


Tina Dawn said...

Penny, you look lovely in your Gunne Sax skirt and old fashioned blouse and hand made necklace. As I am sure that Heidi did too. And don't worry, if you run out of Heidi's old clothes, there are lots of Tina's old clothes that don't fit her anymore too! We will keep you well dressed! Love T

Jill said...

Oh wow, that outfit brings back memories! I had quite a few Gunne Sax skirts and dresses. My mom, her friends, and their daughters and I use to pile into the ol' van and drive to the San Francisco outlet...good times! I even bought my prom dress there-- but it was a Scott McClintock. Oh, memories...
PS: There's no way I could fit into those old dresses now! If I still had them, I'd give them to Penny!

farmlady said...

Gunne Sax! Wow, does that take me back. I remember going to the outlet in San Francisco too.
Days of North Beach, Cost Plus and Union Square shopping with friends. Thanks for the memories.

Heidi Ann said...

Jill and Farmlady - That's one of my favorite things about this blog: when somebody comments that a particular post has sparked a remembrance for them. I never got to go to that outlet store - wish I had! Thank you for letting me know about your memories. Heidi

yosemite faith said...

penny is lucky that you let her model!!!!!

moonshinejunkyard said...

oooh, gunne sax skirts and dresses and blouses are my absolute favorites, and of course that love started when i was a little girl and they were not vintage yet! it is crazy how tiny the waists are on those things though, huh?!