Monday, August 2, 2010

What's Penny Wearing? #32 A 70's Sundress

Today, Penny is wearing another one of my old dresses. It was cool and comfortable and I loved wearing it back in the 70's:

White t-shirt like fabric on the upper half with a turquoise and white striped seersucker on the collar, skirt and trim:
I like the way it is finished around the armholes:
Here is a photo of me wearing it way back then with my boyfriend at the time, Garry:
I'm sad to say that Garry passed away three years ago today.
This post is dedicated to his memory.


Lorlore said...

And I had the pleasure of growing up knowing Gary. He was a great guy!!!! Cute dress!!

Tina Dawn said...

Very nice photo of Gary. Not quite as sure about you ;-) Cute dress. Show us the photo with your matching hairdos sometime. Love T

yosemite faith said...

is that you with short hair?! i guess i imagined that you always had long hair. my mom had a red/white seersucker skirt with a shirt to match - shorts also. the skirt buttoned up the front. i always loved that outfit of hers and began my love with seersucker. yet i have never owned any myself. how cool that you still have that dress. so nice that you remebered gary in this post.

Heidi Ann said...

Yes, that's me with short hair after lots of Sun-In!
(And P.S., everybody:
Garry's name has two "r's". I didn't misspell it.)

Twyla and Lindsey said...

You looked so cute, Heidi! So sorry to hear Garry passed. Twyla

farmlady said...

What a cool way to honor this "nice" man. Makes me want to look back at some of photos of long ago. What was I wearing when....
I can't believe you saved that dress. I wish I had save my blue "springolator" high heels I wore to the junior prom. I loved those shoes.It was 1960 and the boy was my best friend.I wonder where he is?
Thanks for that memory.