Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas with Helen Gallagher

I would very much like to travel back in time and spend Christmas with Helen Gallagher and Foster House, so that I could purchase any number of these fabulous items that I found in this little attached catalog still intact inside one of my vintage Better Homes and Gardens magazines:

I do have a few of the items. In the page shown above, I have the tall Santa match holder, and the Holt Howard Santa items shown in the center picture at the bottom. I found the match holder and the salt and pepper shakers at thrift shops. I sure would like to find those little candle holders, below:
I was lucky that the Santa "ash tray" shown in both of the pages above (I prefer to use him as a candy dish or spoon rest) , and the napkin holder, below, were here in the house. And they'll be staying here!
There are a number of other items in these pictures that I would love to find.

Maybe some day...who knows?


marble rose said...

Beautiful images - I would make christmas cards out of those!!! Next year maybe?


Tina Dawn said...

What a great little catalog to find! I recognize many of the items. Thanks for sharing. Love T

yosemite faith said...

i do too tina. heidi - with your gold country girl touch i am sure some of them will find their way onto your path!