Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Know.....But..

I know Christmas was three days ago - and maybe some of you are tired of Christmas now - but...well, before Christmas I was busy getting ready, and there were some things I didn't get to show you. And I still wanted to. So here goes...
I found this cute little candle-hugging pair at a thrift shop about a week before Christmas. Pricing at these shops is crazy sometimes. Some things will be ridiculously high and then, these ? Fifty cents for the pair:

And here's another sweet little pair I found. They're bigger, and I paid a little more for them:

Another thrift shop find about 5 days prior to the big day - this cool vintage burlap wall hanging with yarn trees that I just love:
And I wanted to show you my deco deer centerpiece:
And my dollhouse tree all decked out in lights:

So - like I said, I WAS busy with preparations - but I did have a little help decorating one of the trees, as you can see:
And one last snapshot - my friend Jamie from Mid Century Madness gave me these sweet little vintage teapot ornaments! I've never seen any like them before, and I am so happy they managed to survive all these years without damage - amazing! And I also received an Alice In Wonderland china cup, straight from Disneyland! Makes me feel like a princess when I drink out of it. Thanks, Bob and Alisha!

A Christmas To Remember, for sure.


Midcenturymadam said...

Your decorations are beautiful. I love the deco deer centerpiece and the little teapots look great. Hope I can kick this bug before the decorations start going back into boxes!

Tina Dawn said...

We start seeing Christmas stuff before October, so seeing it for a bit afterwards doesn't seem crazy to me at all. Love all your thrift finds and Jamie's gift, and the teacup. Your dollhouse tree is adorable. Love T

yosemite faith said...

i too love the deco deer centerpiece. sooo cool. great stuff heidi. and your dollhouse is oh so wonderful. love all your photos.

~~Carol~~ said...

Let it be known that I never ever tire of seeing Christmas stuff, especially if it's vintage! Your dollhouse tree is just precious!