Thursday, December 9, 2010

When You Care Enough To Send The Very Best

Both the ad above and the one below are from 1957. I do love Hallmark cards (vintage and new), and gift wrap , and ornaments - don't even get me started - and I always enjoy browsing at our local Hallmark shop.

Here's a sweet little Card Train from 1951:

A few vintage cards:

Adorable angels from 1962:

More cards:

And an advertisement for Hallmark Party books, from 1965:

I am still trying to collect all of the Barbie ornaments with the vintage outfits on, for my Christmas Barbie tree.
I was thrilled when my husband brought home this year's, "Friday Night Date". I think she's is the best one yet!

We don't get the Hallmark Channel - which may be a good thing, as I would probably want to watch it all the time. I do watch EVERY single Hallmark Hall Of Fame movie on the regular broadcast station, and I always love them.
And yes, I cry at the commercials.
Even the ones I've seen numerous times before.


Tina Dawn said...

Friday Night Date was one of the Barbie outfits I had. I thought it was so cute. Great ornament! Nice to see one of your Abingdon stars too. I get the Hallmark Channel, and they have a TON of new Christmas movies this year. I am about going crazy trying to watch all of them. A new one is on tonight! Guess where I will be? One thing that is helpful, since I can't record my satellite programs, is that they all start 3 hours early, so I can fit in a movie at 5 to 7 pm and then watch something else later. Also they are usually on back-to-back on the same night, and again about a week later. Love T

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Hello Heidi! I have always loved Hallmark Anything! Sadly, some of our Hallmark stores have gone out of business. I have collected the Hallmark ornaments since the late '70's. I have so many that it is quite a chore to get them out and put on the tree every year because I still keep them in their original boxes. Have a nice day! Twyla

farmlady said...

The advertisements for Hallmark cards are always so moving and wonderful. i just love them.
All of your photos bring back good memories. I remember a friend who had that card train on her mantel. What a cute idea it was.

yosemite faith said...

hallmark channel has lots of repeats so you aren't missing as much as you think you are. at least that is the way it is here. love that outfit on barbie. i love hallmark too. my mom and my dad were card people. he bought her the most lovely cards when i was little. he died way too young - 1977 - i was only 26 i think. but i saved them when i found them in the cottage. little did i know my bro & his wife would never let me in there to get things again - i should have sent it all to calif even if i would have had to move it again. oopsie - tis the season and i need to get off that rant. anyway i love hallmark!

The Bookery said...

Aw, when I was little my favorite was the Hallmark Hall of Fame version of the Secret Garden. It makes me feel cozy inside just thinking about it. My mom always bought each of us kids a special Hallmark Christmas ornament every year. They really do make lovely nice things; I'll have to go check out the shop this Christmas season!

The Bookery said...

Whoops, that was Heather of MoonshineJunkyard!

The Bookery said...
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Anthony said...

I've always liked Hallmark! In fact, you know what I STILL do everytime I receive a greeting card? That's right! I can't help but flip it over to check if it's a Hallmark. Of course, I've learned to be more subtle about it so as not to offend the giver... I guess that I'm just too easily manipulated by advertising campaigns, huh?

Btw, speaking of Hallmark, Tommy and I just bought 2 new ornaments for our tree. They're really cool! Don't know if you've seen 'em, but they're Fisher-Price toys from the 1970s (our childhood). One is the Little People jet plane, the other is the Little People schoolhouse. We both played with those toys as kids, so it's kinda special! The quality is great, too. But, then, EVERYTHING Hallmark does is top quality and a total class act!

Anonymous said...

I almost bought Friday night Date Barbie yesterday...I refrained, but I hope to get it for Christmas. I have most of the Barbie vintage look ornaments & one of these years I will get another tree (white) just for Barbie.