Friday, December 17, 2010

Found In The Rafters

I've known for years that there were boxes up in the rafters of the garage that I "needed" to look into! It took a very long time, but hubby finally broke down and got them down so I could have a "look-see". (This is not something I could have done by myself - and I tried - I could NOT get up on our rickety old ladder by myself and stand on the very top to try to reach things, with cold hard cement beneath me. Not a good idea.) So he handed down box after box to me. And a good part of it was crap. But, not all of it.
The whole "bouquet" which you see planted in my vintage deer was there. The beaded spike sprays and the ornaments are all attached to each other. I love it. And I also found the red deer on the right:

And these two wonderful ornament "trees", which I had seen in an old photograph - I had dreamed I would find them one day! And my dream came true:
That picture is too dark - here's a brighter one. They are a wee bit wonky, but I don't mind one bit:

I found a funky old wreath form, and so I wrapped it with some pretty blue and green tinsel I found and made myself a wreath:
I found another light-up angel for my collection:

But my favorite thing? Oh, it has to be this FABULOUS little Glolite tree!! My husband remembers having it in his room when he was little. It lights up, and it rotates, and it's musical, too:

I love the decals on the red plastic base:

Yes, indeed, we found some pretty nice things among all of the yucky stuff, don't you think?


Sassy Lassies Vintage Life said...

Worth the effort of pulling it all down. Lovely vintage finds.

Lorlore said...

Love the glolite and ornament trees! You did a great job on the wreath!! Cool Family finds!!

Tina Dawn said...

I am jumping up and down with excited joy for you! Well, not really, but in my mind I am. I think all your finds are precious and wonderful. How nice of them to wait so patiently with all the junk. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving vintage Christmas loving person. Would like to get a bit better look at the red deer. Love T

yosemite faith said...

OMG OMG OMG - what great christmas items. you do deserve them heidi!

Midcenturymadam said...

Don't be alarmed if you hear someone rummaging around your garage late at night. Did you leave anything for me?? I cannot believe the things you find in your very own house!! Beeuuutiful things!

farmlady said...

You never want to throw away a box that looks old. This was really worth the effort. Love the first little vignette with the vintage deer. Really cute.
The tree of your husbands when he was little is wonderful.
What great things to find in the rafters.