Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Then And Now #76 Scotch Brand Tape

Well, wrapping is always one of the very last things I do - and I've really been going through the Scotch Tape this week! Seemed a perfect time for a trip down memory lane with another of my favorite products (Yes, brand loyalty is big around here. I've mentioned before that I'm sick of trying - and being unhappy with - inferior products. I use coupons, and I stock up when things are on sale, so I don't feel one bit of guilt about getting what I believe to be the best.) First up is a Scotch Tape advertisement from 1948:

1951 - I adore those old decorated tapes!:

How about some "Hollywood Tape Tricks" with Bing, Bob, and Dorothy? (1952)

Scotch Brand Freezer Tape from 1955:

1956 asks the question "Which Scotch Brand Tape do you need today?":

Design your own Cut-Ups with with Scotch Plastic Tape! 1968:

Magic Transparent Tape, 1970:

1973 - Transparent Tape "Never Yellows Stays Clear":
Holiday Taping Tips, also from 1973:

3M has SO many different Scotch Brand tape products available today!
These are just some that I have on hand "Now":

Happy taping to you.
And may all your packages stay intact.


Twyla and Lindsey said...

What a fun trip down Scotch lane. Love those old styles. I've been using lots of the stuff lately! Merry Christmas! Twyla

yosemite faith said...

i love scotch tape more than you know. i have always said i should have gotten stock in the company.

Tina Dawn said...

If it is the tape that makes you the wrapping queen of our family, then you keep buying it, because you are the champion of wrapping and your packages are always beautiful. Love T