Monday, August 26, 2013

4-H Attire

I found an old 4-H hat recently at a thrift store, and it set me to thinking about 4-H again. That, combined with Lori's mention of it yesterday compelled me to do yet another post. (I have written about it in a number of previous posts). I have a model now for my hat and neckerchief, so here they are again - front:
 and back:
 Going in for a close-up, front and center:
They look lovely on her, don't you think?
Here are my 4-H hats and pins again , worn all those years ago:
 And the one below is the one that I picked up at a thrift store because it had some pins on it that I didn't have, and I wanted them. I found the appliques on the bottom left at another thrift - and no, they do not belong on the hat; they're for the back corners of the neckerchiefs. The button at top right was a giveaway at the State Fair:
We would wear a white dress,  or a shirt or blouse, and a white skirt, or you could wear white jeans, a  more practical  choice for those members with a livestock project - and boys, of course!
We Gold Country Girls will always remember our 4-H Member days fondly.
Tina has some great old photos from back in the day, and I expect that she will share them, too, one of these days!
I know you will enjoy seeing them.


Tina Dawn said...

Those sure do look familiar! My hat is the same except it has an All Star star and pin in the middle. In case the readers don't know, the green hat is for the younger kids, and you get the white hat when you are in high school. I have my hat still, too. 4-H was definitely a great addition to our lives and I think our Mom and Dad enjoyed it too as leaders. Love T

lorlore said...

I also have my hat, and a record book that we kept every year. It is fun to look at it and remember items I made, etc.