Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Once Upon a Time in Shingle Springs, California No. 1: The Shingle Mill

Good morning. Tina here. I am going to share the many photos I have gathered over the years of the now gone Shingle Mill, which once stood proudly in Shingle Springs. The town was named after this mill, which was run by horsepower and produced thousands of wood shingles, which were then shipped to Sacramento.
This is how I first remember it, standing close along the highway, and still accessible to curious explorers.
 Fencing helped keep it safe from souvenir seekers, but nothing kept it safe from time.
This is the only photo I have found showing the upstairs balcony.
 So many gold rush buildings were lost to fires.
 The old stone buildings have hung in there, sometimes.
I wish this one had. Over the years it lost its roof. Before they pulled it down all the wood and the chimney were gone, and the stone was crumbling.
 Shingle Springs doesn't look the same without it.
 I love the old John Deere sign, I hope someone salvaged it.
While I haven't found any information on what kind of stone was used for its construction, I am sure it was local stone.
 Nice load of wood, inside and out. Were they going to make more shingles?
I find it interesting how the lower front is a lighter shade, since it was protected by the balcony.
 I wonder how long it took to build this mill. The stonework is beautiful.
 During hot summer days it must have stayed cool on the lower floor.
 Easy shipping for the shingles with the railroad right across the street.
 You can clearly see the cracking of the walls in this shot.
Goodbye old mill. A shot of a town center which is no longer there.


Heidi Ann said...

I LOVE these posts with the old photos. Thank you for doing them!

GardenOfDaisies said...

Sad to see the old buildings fall into ruin.

farmlady said...

Wonderful obituary to a beautiful old building.
I wonder if this building was related to the Butte store south of Jackson. It's very similar.
I hope that they save The Butte store before it falls down. It's surrounded with fencing and looks very fragile.
Thanks for this post.

Peter O said...

Best collection of the old stone store in Shingle Springs. Thanks!

OaktreeLady said...

Thanks for putting these up! I guess you know that the last owners of the building now own The Purple Place on Green Valley Rd. They decided that since they couldn't use the relic that they should just tear it down. Bay Area people.

mark welsh said...