Sunday, August 11, 2013

Designs To Cross Stitch

I came across a book from Mexico about a month ago in a thrift store, and I had tucked it away and forgotten about it.
It says "Cross Stitch" on the cover, and is full of colorful designs for  cross-stitching  (and needlepoint, too, I think), and I  simply wanted to share some of them with you today.
Pretty dishware:
A village scene:

 And last, but not least, a bouquet of violets:
The entire book is nothing but page after page of these and other pretty designs for embroidering tablecloths and other linens.
The brightly colored designs are quite a feast for the eyes!


Tina Dawn said...

Great book. I really like the page of borders. Better get to stitchin'. Love T

farmlady said...

That last one is my favorite, but they are all charming. I've never tried this but it looks like a fun thing to do.