Sunday, August 4, 2013

California State Fair Part Three: Color! And Some Favorite Works Of Art

Let us begin with this gorgeous quilt in a kaleidoscope of colors, titled "Spin Off", and  created by Jan Soules of Elk Grove. What an absolutely fabulous riot of color - I LOVE it: 
 Next up, this fantastic thing:
"Princessa" by Rob-O.
It is sugar art!
Made from fifty pounds of pressed sugar and royal icing, it had to be protected "with a moisture barrier to ensure archival longevity".

Now, THAT is what I call a work of art! I have never seen anything like it in my entire life.
I think it's spectacular:
I also loved this metal  mixed-media sculpture, below. Titled "Time Travel", it was made by Anne Hendrickson-Pantos of Penryn. She was inspired to make it when she came across some of her husband's "well-used wire fencing" materials. Pretty cool:

This fantastic quilt of pinks, called "Cotton Candy" was created by Linda Bergman of Elk Grove:

 Here is a lovely crocheted top made by Noelia Briones:
 Lots of color, everywhere you look at the State Fair:

 Choo-choo train in technicolor:

I love Mendocino - the town, and the county - so I had to snap a picture of this marquee in their county exhibit booth:
(I wish I were over there on the coast right now)

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Tina Dawn said...

Love these posts, I feel like I was at the fair. What wonderful art! Great photos. Love T