Thursday, August 15, 2013

Beautiful And Brightly Colored Quilt Tops

I found three gorgeous quilt tops recently. I simply couldn't resist their colorful designs. A yellow background with all sorts of pretty patches:

Bright pink flowers on a green background:
You KNOW how I love color, right?
I am not a quilter, but I certainly can appreciate the work that goes into these!
I don't know what I am going to do with them yet:
But when I see something this beautiful, it is much too difficult for me to leave them behind:


Tina Dawn said...

Very nice, well made and still brand new. Love them! Love T

Bruce Maclin said...

Hi Tina, I am Bruce Maclin. I grew up in Placerville. I am now retired and live in Bakersfield, but I have an old house in Placerville where my wife and I spend as much time as we can. I collect Placerville memorabilia. I believe you are nasturtiumgrama and that I have bid against you many times on ebay. I would love to discuss your Placerville collection. My email is Best, Bruce

farmlady said...

Does "tops" mean that you still have to make the backs and filling and quilt the whole thing together? I don't know anything about quilting either. These are beautiful. Might be worth having them finished by someone so you can use them on your beds.