Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Celebrating August in Vintage Postcards

Good morning. Tina here. I am enjoying August, and since I am a postcard collector, I decided to share some August postcards with you this morning.

Below is a birth announcement for a little girl born in August 1915. I was also born in August, and was feeling rather old, until I realized that Lorraine will be celebrating her 98th birthday this month, if she is still around. Happy birthday Lorraine!

 Maybe I will be lucky and get a Rockford watch for my birthday.

The postcard below is from Italy. My birthday in Italian is Ferragosto, which is an actual holiday in many European countries. It is the day the Virgin Mary ascended into heaven, and also it is just a great day to chill out and not have to go to work! At two years old, I could have posed topless with the lady below and fit right in.

Although I am a Leo, I have noticed that a lot of the info on the postcards have Virgo as the horoscope sign. August, as do the other months, has two birthsigns.
Postcards can tell your fortune, too. This sunflower gazing lady above looks lovely in her patchwork dress.
 Lots of black cats, bats, owls and dark things above, but the fortune isn't too dire.
I always have considered a peridot, which is a lovely light green clear stone, as my birthstone, but the sardonyx is the older choice for a birthstone. I have a few pieces of jewelry with sardonyx, one is a compass inside of the stone. I would like to find a cameo carved out of the layers of sardonyx.
I always thought my birth month flower was the gladiola, but these postcards include sunflowers, poppies, goldenrod, and roses.
Just when I thought I was safe wearing my sardonyx, now it is a moonstone or be unloved and alone. You just can't win. Better cover yourself in bling just in case!
 I think I like the cards that don't threaten me with loneliness, but try to brighten my life up a bit!
 Now we are getting the royal treatment, that is what being a Leo is all about.
Okay, I have to do something about this. I think I will have a bracelet made with peridot, sardonyx, moonstone and carnelian so that I can have this conjugal felicity that apparently wants to avoid me.
I have lots of friends born in August. Last Saturday we went to a birthday party for two friends, a very fun pool party with wonderful food and great music from a live band.
 This Saturday I will be attending a party for a friend's 90th birthday! Happy birthday Barbara!

Wow, good and bad characteristics are gathered below. The rose is beautiful, but beware the spider!
Now below we have a couple of predictions for men and women born in August. Maybe she would have a better future if they told her to wear all her gemstones.
 Poor guy, but if her dear darling precious old mother is really old, she won't last long...
The postcard below is August by Alphonze Mucha. She is wondering how long her dear darling precious old mother will be with them.
 This postcard with frolicking cats is celebrating Miami in August.
One last postcard from August 1969, the month of Woodstock. This was the last photo shoot with the Beatles.
Enjoy the month of August, 2013!


Andy's Attic said...

Happy Birthday, Tina Dawn!! I have many friends born in August. I love your collection of cards....makes me want to start one for my birth month.

Heidi Ann said...

What a fabulous collection of August postcards! You know I love antique postcards, too - so I especially enjoyed this post! And happy almost-birthday! Love you!

Tami Von Zalez said...

I enjoyed your postcard post! The Beatles one topped it right off ..

Shara said...

I've never seen August (or any other month for that matter) postcards. They are great. I am an August birthday -in fact, I think we are the same day. The 15th? Happy Birthday!

Diane said...

Happy Birthday! I'm a Leo too so found this very interesting. Never knew about the earlier birthstones for August. Kind of nice as I've never been a big peridot fan. Thanks for posting!