Saturday, August 3, 2013

Snoopy, I Think You May Be Right

I found another one of these absolutely delightful books by Charles M. Schulz at a thrift store a couple of weeks ago.
"Home Is On Top Of A Dog House"
(Copyright 1966 by United Features Syndicate, Inc., and published by Determined Productions, Inc. San Francisco, California):

Camping out sounds nice. We grew up camping, and in fact that was our only type of family vacation when we were young.
I miss it, and then again, I don't. But, surely I could handle it for one night. Especially if S'mores were involved in the evening around the campfire. And how about a sing-a-long, too? I would enjoy that. Some of the good old folk tunes we used to sing back then. Pete Seeger, and stuff like that.
And I wouldn't mind one bit if Snoopy came along with us.
Thank you, Mr. Schulz. We still miss you.


Tina Dawn said...

Until Snoopy decides to bark at something in the middle of the night. LOL. And I am not a robot. I am a gold country girl.

Lorlore said...

Yes, great memories from our camping trips!!! Hope to camp again soon!!

farmlady said...

I'm leaving on Monday morning to go camping with my sons and grandsons at Pinecrest in your neck of the woods. Can't wait. Haven't been camping in years.
S'mores were definitely part of the incentive to do this... and the chance to relieve some memories with my boys.
I also get my very own tent. Kind of like being Snoopy on top of the dog house... only more comfortable.
Cute book. I remember reading it to the boys.

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