Friday, May 1, 2009

100 Years Ago

The picture below was taken in 1909. A Maypole Dance in front of The Dome - the old Sonora Grammar School that had just opened earlier that year.
And here is another darling image of a Maypole, on this May Day Dance page. It is from an old music book we used when we were little. All three of us took piano lessons for years. Cute!
My husband and his brother, and my father-in-law all went to this school ( the same one that is pictured above) - you can see why they call it The Dome:
It is still standing, thank goodness. It now houses the local Cosmetology School, among other things.
Happy May Day!
Do a little dance.....


Annette said...

That is a beautiful school. I remember going there to watch a softball game and sitting on the steps. It was a very hot day. Great idea for a post! Happy May Day. Love T

Lorlore said...

What a beautiful building!! Our old High School building was Brick with Ivy covering it. I loved the look of that. I was the last Graduating class in it before they started to tear it down and remodel the next year. We were so sad! It was beautiful also!! Lori

Lisa said...

My mother use to tell me that on May Day, she and her sister would make little baskets out of paper and would pick flowers to put in them and then would leave the baskets on their grandmother's door to celebrate May Day. Love the pictures, the little girls dresses, ribbons in their hair and hats are so wonderful. They sure do not build schools to look like this anymore. Lisa

yosemite faith said...