Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some Of Our Old 45's - Part 1

The record below is the very first one I ever owned. It was a Christmas gift from my friend Marcia. She knew I loved the song, so she bought the 45 for me. Bobby Goldsboro- innocent enough, right?
Well - my taste in music and everything else has always been rather eclectic. This one is the first 45 I ever purchased myself - "Touch Me" and "Wild Child":
I LOVED the TV show "Here Come The Brides" - and I also loved the theme song:
I liked the idea of comparing the different record sleeves from RCA through the years - "Seattle", above from 1968, and "In The Year 2525", below from 1969:
The RCA sleeve that holds "Chick-a-boom" from 1971 is my favorite. Apparently, I put it into that sleeve way back then - but it's not the correct one - wonder which 45 did come inside? I sure can't remember now! :
"Rock The Boat" from 1974 - I love that song!
And , from 1975 -"I'm Sorry" by John Denver - I still miss him:
In Part 2, I will share some picture sleeves -some that were my husband's , some mine.


Annette said...

I am pretty sure I know how you came to like the Doors. They were one of my favorites. My favorite was "People are Strange". A couple of weeks ago I was out driving around in Camino for the Census and I had on John Denver's greatest hits. He and I sang our way down almost every road in Camino. I must have played it at least three times. He has great music to sing along to. Great collection. Love T

Lorlore said...

I have quite a variety of 45's also. Love John Denver!! Had the pleasure of seeing him in Lake Tahoe in Feb. of 1986, my son was only 6 weeks old and there was a major snowstorm, but we somehow made it there, while Gma babysat, and it was wonderful!!

yosemite faith said...

one thing that didn't get thrown out at home was a box of 45's - i haven't went through them as yet though. loved the post!