Sunday, May 3, 2009


When I came across this page in an old (1939) magazine, I was immediately reminded of the tapa paper/cloth (in the 2nd photo) that I had found among souvenirs from my mother-in-law's cruise to Hawaii:

The newsletter they were given on board was called The Polynesian:
As far as I can tell from the ephemera I discovered, she went on two cruises to Hawaii - one in 1929, and one in 1936, onthe Matson Lines:

I just love all this old stuff.


Annette said...

When I went to Honolulu, Oahu in 1978 for a funeral and visited with the Holt family, an "old" Oahu family, I bought a little Christmas ornament that is made of Tapa paper. Last summer at a yard sale I bought a little lap quilt that a lady had made out of tapa cloth (she used to live in Hawaii). I enjoy it although I am usually into more color in my fabric. I enjoyed this post. Love T

yosemite faith said...

i haven't been to the islands since the late 60's - and love to be reminded of what a great place it was - the joy of the colors and!