Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Baby Elephant Walk

I am a HUGE fan of Henry Mancini's work. One of the greatest composers who ever lived, in my opinion. (How can anyone disagree with that?) And Baby Elephant Walk from the Paramount Picture "Hatari" is just one of my many favorites. If you aren't sure whether you know it, click on the song title above to go over and have a listen on YouTube. (This post was inspired by this picture, below, that was among the vintage book pages I recently bought over at Oodles and Oodles):
Then, there's also my favorite baby elephant - Walt Disney's Dumbo! Here is one of my vintage Little Golden Books:
And another:
Such cute pink baby elephants on this cocktail party invitation from 1952. My sister has some great pieces of vintage glassware with pink elephants on them!
And then, I just had to include this little blue ceramic one that I found here in the house:

He wanted to be included, and I simply couldn't deny him.


Annette said...

I absolutely LOVE your little ceramic elephant. How adorable. It made my morning just to see him. Love T

Tikimama said...

I have a small collection of elephants that just sorta "happened". They are such amazing animals, and I love your collection of images. That blue ceramic one - I WANT HIM! :)

And I used to play "Baby Elephant Walk" on the piano - I'll have to go dig that up! Love that song!

Lorlore said...

Love the Dumbo attraction at Disneyland!! Even at my age!!

Kristina said...

Cuteness! That cocktail napkin is really something special. Whenever I hear Baby Elephant Walk, I think of The Simpsons. I love the song, though.

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Anonymous said...

Pink Elephants on Parade! Now I really really want to have a cocktail party, and I really really really want that cocktail invitation, and the little blue elephant guy!

yosemite faith said...

i loved dumbo and can remember seeing it at the theatre.