Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tuna, Anyone?

My husband was watching a show on the Discovery Channel about tuna fishing about a week or so ago - and I just happened to have all these tuna labels that came with a big lot of labels on eBay, so the combination of those two things (plus a few others) inspired this post today! Labels:
Lots and lots... (Sea Trader from Safeway! That's the brand of tuna we grew up with):
...of labels:
A magazine ad from 1955 featuring a tuna casserole recipe from Campbell's soup:
Sing along with me now: "Ask any mermaid you happen to see. What's the best tuna? Chicken of The Sea." The tuna with the mermaid's touch:

Another Chicken Of The Sea ad, from 1961, with the Tunaburger recipe from Disneyland "The authentic Tunaburger served at the Chicken Of The Sea Pirate Ship Cove at Disneyland" (click on these pictures to be able to read the recipes, if you like)
And here's that Pirate Ship - on two old Disneyland postcards:
And a picture from one of my Disneyland books:
A recipe for Tuna Puffs from Star-kist and Betty Crocker in 1957:
Another Star-kist ad, this one from 1961 (before Charlie?!) "Sorry, Charlie - Star-kist don't want tunas with good taste, they want tunas that taste good!"
And I leave you with one more recipe - just because it sounded pretty good to me! From a Campbells Soup cookbook (1975) Tuna Tetrazzini:

I like to eat tuna with cottage cheese, and we love to have tuna sandwiches for lunch or with soup, for dinner. I like my tuna sandwich with dill pickle mixed in , and mayonnaise, and maybe a little lettuce. I also LOVE a good tuna melt - for me- sourdough bread and cheddar cheese with tuna salad, grilled with butter. Yum!! What do YOU like?


Lorlore said...

I love Tuna just how you like it!
It's funny but Chicken of the Sea was a task on Appentice recently for the 2 teams to come up with a new jingle. They were both actually pretty good in the end but Annie's team won over Clint Black.

yosemite faith said...

tuna is a staple at our house!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

MMM, now I want tuna for lunch! I'm a Chicken of the Sea girl. I love to add it to a salad. I saw the Aprentice show, I was thinking of that too, Lorlore. Twyla

Annette said...

I love tuna sandwiches, but I just like the tuna, Best Foods Mayo, and bread. Maybe lettuce. Those recipes sound great. Now I am hungry for tuna and its only 7:30 am. Love T