Thursday, May 21, 2009

More Lovely Ladies

You will see, I believe, the similarities in these ladies with their simply drawn facial features in the deco style that I adore. First up, a lovely business card on the right, and the image at left is from an old McCall's magazine subscription card:
I saved this tag from some article of clothing I bought back in the 80's or so, as I recall:
And here is Rita in her hat, on a vintage playing card:
And another playing card with another pretty lady and her elaborate fan of feathers:
More feathers on this framed card - with a real feather in matching chartreuse. The card was new - but I found the image so attractive that I saved it, and much later found the perfect frame for it a dollar store:
I decided I just had to include this profile photograph of another lovely lady - my mother-in-law, displayed in one of my vintage art deco frames. She fits right in with my deco ladies, in the right time period, too - this was taken in the early 1930's:


yosemite faith said...

i like all your ladies - but i love you mother in laws photo!

Annette said...

I too am a fan of the art deco ladies. You put together a great selection. I have said before that your MIL must have been a very interesting woman. Her photo is beautiful. Love T

Tikimama said...

You must love Erte! I have several books of his illustrations. I was fascinated with him in the 80s, when art deco made a comeback.

Your mother-in-law's photo is precious!