Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Few More Recent Finds

"A Few More Recent Finds" - Hmm, I think I use that post title a lot. Sorry about that. First up - this great old jar, found at one of my favorite downtown shops in Sonora, "In Town Antiques". I brought it home and promptly filled it up with Scrabble tiles!
I bought this book solely because I loved the look of the cover! And doesn't it look nice with my calico ribbon and remnant as a background?
Three trays, from a yard sale:

Found this original painting at a thrift shop. I love it when I find paintings I like, and they are VERY cheap. I think it's rather spooky-looking, and I am going to use it at Halloween. I'm hoping to find a frame for it. I'm calling it "Outskirts of A Cemetery":
And speaking of Halloween- do you know anybody who needs the perfect pair of platforms to wear with their funky 70's costume??
They're too big for me - but I could not pass them up!


Jennifer D said...


That book is wonderful and I adore that painting, it does look very Halloweeny, outskirt of a cemetary for sure.

Tina Dawn said...

Since you didn't mention Elton John when you showed the shoes, then I am going to say, he would have loved them in the 70's. They definitely look disco to me! The painting is great! I always enjoy looking at your "more recent finds", so keep it up! Love T

yosemite faith said...

you've been busy - everything is great - i love your 3 little trays-fantastic.

barbara said...

That's a very haunted looking painting - perfect for Halloween!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I love seeing your recent finds! You are a collector that I look up to! I think that painting will be perfect for Halloween decorating! Twyla