Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Heidis and Goats

Just Heidis today (indulge me), with and without goats. First up, my favorite Heidi and goat - Shirley Temple as Heidi from the film of the same name:
Madame Alexander's version - "Heidi With Goat":
The "Hi Heidi" doll in her little case - no goat with this one:
Two more of my Heidi dolls, the 14" Madame Alexander, and the Shirley Temple Heidi by Ideal. Who's got their goats?:
A boxed Heidi doll. Now, this one has a goat:
Shirley Temple as Heidi again, with Jean Hersholt as "The Grandfather":
Okay - this one has taken the lead as my all-time favorite (thus far) of the "Got Milk" advertisements. Heidi Klum- and, yes, a goat, too. I love it!
And finally- you know me - if I can manage a Disney connection, I will! On the left, it's Djali, Esmeralda's goat from Disney's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", and I like to think the little miss on the Skyway pin is a Heidi, as well.
She just LOOKS like a Heidi.


Tina Dawn said...

I hadn't seen the Heidi Klum ad yet, it's adorable. She definitely looks like a Heidi! I bet she can milk a goat too! I think we all tried really hard to like goat's milk, but it never really happened. Cute post. Love T

Jennifer D said...

Adorable! That Heidi Klum pic is great. I miss the skyway.

barbara said...

But where's the picture of the REAL Heidi - you know, you? The lack of a real goat is no excuse.

Heidi said...

Heidis of Blogland, Unite! :D I've never seen that Heidi Klum ad--how clever! I have a large Shirley Temple Heidi doll but she looks different from the one you have.

Anonymous said...

yeah heidi - no goat is no excuse! love your heidi dolls and heidi klums ad is so cool - red platforms - oh yeah! yosemite faith

Debra said...

You still wear that name better than anyone, Heidi! Love, Deb