Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Salsa. Every year I grow tomatoes and every year I make salsa. Some years I make a lot, some years I make just a bit. A lot could be as much as 28 pints, a little could be only 7. I have to be in the mood. This year I can't get into the mood. I am trying...
Oh, by the way, I am Tina who is doing all that trying. I had told Heidi I would help out and do a post, and finally here I am doing it. I am the big sister of the Gold Country Girls., and I will contribute when I can, hopefully once a week or so.
So last weekend, I tried again, and I have a large basket full. So large, I had to carry it in from the garden in shifts, walk a bit, set it down, look at the view, start again. It is a long way from the garden to the house. I think there are at least 25 lbs. of tomatoes in that basket.

I've picked the tomatoes (actually this is my second picking.) The first batch didn't get lucky. I wasn't in the mood. So those tomatoes ended up in other things, spaghetti, salads, sandwiches, they aren't going to make it to next year, they were eaten fresh.
So I finally made it to the house. That was last weekend. The tomatoes are still waiting. I am just not feelin' it. When I am in the mood to make salsa I go to town, slicing, boiling. When I am not in the mood, I might just go to town, literally. Get away, keep those tomatoes from staring at me, asking to be chopped up and made into delicious spicy goodness.
I always name my salsas. I have had "Made in the Shade" salsa, which I chopped and mixed under a very large yellow (digger) pine that used to stand just in front of our house. One year dancing was in vogue: "Takes Two to Tango" salsa, and "Hot Cha Cha" salsa. I'ver names them after who grew the tomatoes, or where they grew: "Riverbend Red Hot" salsa, or "Kruk Trail" salsa. Sometimes I think I spend more time figuring out the names than I do making the darned stuff!
Anyway, by the time I get this batch made it deserves a special name. I thought about "Not feelin' It" salsa, or even, "Go ahead, MAKE me make" salsa.
But I think this one will be "Twist My Arm" salsa. If it ever does get made... Right now I have to pack because I am heading out for a visit with Heidi, so...


Heidi Ann said...

Sometimes I get really lucky, and I get to eat some of those great tomatoes!
I'm so happy to see your first post, Tina - and I'm hoping for many more to come!!

Jennifer D said...

would you be interested in posting a recipe?

My mouth is watering.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Welcome! It is wonderful to see a post from you! I think if I had a view like that I would find it difficult to get anything else done except look at that view! Twyla

yosemite faith said...

i am assuming same recipe different names? we have yet to get enough tomatoes at one time to do it yet this year. been too cold. but we have had almost 2 weeks of kind of warm sunny weather so we are hoping this weekend. we do spaghetti sauce, bloody mary mix, tomato juice, chili base and on and on and on. this year we are gonna try some salsa if we get lucky. our first tomatoes didn't ripen enough to be eaten until mid august. very late for us - but i love a good tomato sandwich!! great post tina-glad to see you on board heidis 'ship'!