Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Most Recent Thrift Finds

I DO love thrift shopping, especially when I find things like this - a gorgeous quilt top in a rainbow of colors:
A huge metal tray that will make a fab magnetic memo board, and a pair of pretty plates:
A green gingham apron to add to my collection, and some great old buttons which may or may not be Bakelite:
He is a really nice older one - hard plastic - not the kind you could poke a hole into, but the kind that would crack into shards. Definitely a keeper for my vintage holiday collectibles that I LOVE:
And a little Hottle by Takahashi (minus it's cup, but still cute!), and a nice glass covered cake keeper I made by "marrying" two pieces found separately. (By the way, that sold about five minutes after I put it on the shelf at the shop!):

It's so much fun finding neat stuff!


yosemite faith said...

as always great stuff! i am a sucker for buttons! i used to play with grams button tin when i was up north to visit. i was given that tin recently and it still held her buttons! loved that.....i am also a sucker for holiday decorations and i love your santa. at the lion clubs cookie sale in dec a lady gives them all her similar standing decorations for them to use - snowmen, santa, reindeer, trees.....i want to have them sooo bad!

Jennifer D said...

Wonderful finds!

I love the quilt top and the apron and the buttons, well... I like it ALL.

I love Yosemite faiths comment about the buttons, I also played with my grandmas button tin and when she passed on I inherited it, it was the only thing I wanted.:)

yosemite faith said...

jennifer- it was a big surprise when THE button tin ended up in my hands once again. even found th buttons that i had matched up and 'strung' together with thread. rite aid in sonora used to carry thread and fabrics and when they closed that out boy did i go crazy on half off buttons.........i also still have the quilt that my gram made for my wedding present - found out both my brothers had used theirs to the point of they no longer exist. i have no children and so am giving to my niece when she marries or i pass on......oh heidi ho you know how i can go on ( & on)

Lorlore said...

Faith, I will get your email or address & send you Salsa recipe. Love all your stuff you found Hi Ho, 'specially the quilt top. Love T

Lorlore said...

Oops, Faith, it was Tina telling you about Salsa recipe sending, I forgot I was on Lori's computer. Gold Country Girls blooper. Tina

one gal's trash said...

That is one hot Santa! Love the fruit plates too.