Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kellogg's Pep Cereal

I don't know when they quit making Pep Cereal - or changed the name to something else, but these advertisements from 1939 and 1941 caught my eye. Wifey is upset because her husband is a stay-at-home; apparently he likes nothing better than to relax with his pipe and slippers at the end of every day. He needs Pep!
"The harder a wife works, the cuter she looks". Oh, give me a break:
Daughter doesn't need perfume to be more popular - she needs Pep!

Well, there is definitely something to said for eating right and "getting your vitamins" - that much is certainly true.
And Kellogg's still does make a great assortment of cereals.


Jennifer D said...

"Oh how I miss the good old days, but I'm so glad they're gone."

from Burn to Shine by
Ben Harper.

the harder she works the cuter she is? oh Boy!

yosemite faith said...

now you are talking about my home state. kelloggs started in battle creek michigan. i kind of remember pep but that is as far as it goes. those adds remind me alot of those 'retro' greeting cards that are out now and some are so funny!

Tina Dawn said...

In the first ad, the expression on the housewife's face reminds me of the wife on those 'Smilin' Bob' commercials for a little man's pill. So Pep must have something goin' on. The 2nd ad, if your husband finds your 'housewifery' sexy, so be it I say, and enjoy! But (3rd ad) I think they should leave the kids out of it. Just my opinion. Pretty neat blog. Love T

Melony at Whimsy Daisy! said...

I guess I need some Pep. I just started some One a Day vitamins with Metabolism booster. We'll see if that helps me work harder and get cuter! LOL!!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I wish they still sold that cereal! I need some pep! Aren't old adds a hoot?! Twyla

John O said...

In the early 1940's as a teenager I worked for the Rueben H Donnelly Co distributing free samples of Kellogg PEP in the 5 boroughs of New York City. Our pitch was to knock on each door and as the occupant opened the door, I would hand them a free sample of PEP and say "Pep Up The Family with Kellog's PEP, the cereal with the vitamins".

Heidi Ann said...

John O - "Pep up the family with Kellogg's Pep" - I love it!!
Thank you SO much for stopping by and leaving your comment.