Sunday, September 13, 2009

Then And Now #47 - Libby's

"If it says Libby's, Libby's , Libby's on the label, label, label, you will like it, like it, like it, on your table, table, table":
Well, maybe not the Cooked Ox Tongues so much. Not on my table. The ad above and the asparagus ad below are both from 1910:
Fruit cocktail - this advertisement was in a 1938 Sunset magazine:
Fruit Cocktail again, from 1953 this time. Oh, yes - it looks much better in color!
Peaches and fruit cocktail, also from 1953:
Creamed corn from 1959. I do like it, but I never buy it anymore. I would if I needed it for a recipe, though:
Libby's Lite, from 1981:

And "Now" , here are two current labels. This time the corn is organic, and the peaches are sweetened with Splenda. Modern times, huh?:
"It says Libby's, Libby's, Libby's on the label, label, label."


Tina Dawn said...

I guess I would try the ox tongue, I liked the tongue we had when we were little and butchered our calf. It's a strange texture, but I find that interesting, and back in the olden days you ate what you had to, and it was edible! Probably best for soups or stews.

yosemite faith said...

another good label post heidi! off the subject - i heard disney is to expand fantasy land at disney world big time!!