Monday, April 23, 2012

Betsey Johnson Again - More Butterick Patterns From The Past

I thought I would share some more vintage Betsey Johnson love with you today. I found this magazine advertisement which shows the items made from the pattern in the photo below it:

And here are a bunch more of Betsey's great Alley Cat designs from the 1970's.
Color blocking at it's best:

A simple summery frock:

I am in LOVE with this red coat/jacket:

Cute and colorful jumpers, overalls, patches:
I also love this midi-length coat, below:

The long and short of it - another sweet jumper:

A beautiful cherry-strewn halter dress!

And some lovely and comfy blouses:

Her designs look so perfectly right in style again today. I love 'em.


Lorlore said...

Oh, I love them all!!! I will sew again one day!!!!!

Tina Dawn said...

Love that red and green dress and the blouses! I plan on sewing some summer tops and maybe a couple of dresses this year. Yeah, right... Love T

yosemite faith said...

i have yet to set up my sewing maching and other sewing 'stuff' since moving. i have to do it one of these days....

Classics Revisited said...

Love 'em! I'm trying to decide if the teen-age me would have included the butt-patch on that jumper. It's fun, but I probably wouldn't have dared. :-D

Anonymous said...

Fashion, or lack thereof, was so much fun in the 70’s. Color, clashing patterns, & patches. My granny (hip granny) helped me crochet a pink Bugs Bunny patch and sew it to the seat of my burgundy flares. (I was a grown working man by then too. Blush!) I remember a girl admiring, “You’re the sharpest dresser.” Yeah, right! :oD My hair was much like Tina’s in the opening pic on the GC Girls blog, except not so Annette Funicello-ish—more Viking godlike (Yeah, right!). Chuckle! What a hoot.

Fun memories Heidi. Thanks.

Paul Duca said...

And if anybody asks, East Williston is in New York, on Long Island.