Saturday, April 28, 2012

What's Penny Wearing? #68 She's In The Pink

I found this simple, comfortable, and pretty pink sleeveless dress at a thrift store. It will be nice for warm weather. I like that it has pockets, too:

I also found this cute little handmade barkcloth mini-bag, sized perfectly for just my cel phone and a little cash or a credit card. I had purchased a similar one a few years ago that I am certain was made by the same person. And I paid a lot more for the first one than I did for this little cutie:
I can always change it up a bit by adding a thrift store belt and this necklace from my friend JoAnn:
Or, I could add a spot of another bright color by tossing this Irish Linen jacket over it, another thrift store find in a shade I like to call tangerine:

With that pretty jacket layered over the dress, Penny looks like she's ready for a springtime luncheon, don't you think?


Tina Dawn said...

She's looking good! Love your little bag. Love T

farmlady said...

Penny is quite the springtime lady in her lovely pink dress. I like the accessories, especially the little barkcloth bag, and that jacket was a great find.
I need to expand my thrift shopping to the south.

yosemite faith said...

penny has it so easy - she never has to decide what to wear.......