Thursday, April 19, 2012

Confessions Of A Chocoholic

I LOVE chocolate - I think you know that already. I found two great vintage booklets last week at an antiques shop in Jamestown:

I didn't have either one of these - I collect them - and the price was right.

Well, I didn't make Hershey's Cocoa Fudge:

And I didn't make Baker's Devil's Food Cake:

But I had seen this ad in my recent magazines:

Sure looked good to me. So - what's a chocoholic to do? Well, since I couldn't get chocolate off my mind, and I happened to have some Nestle's Dark Chocolate Morsels on hand (I wrote about them last September), I decided that I "needed" to make those brownies:

Oh, my gosh, they're good:

I suppose it probably was not really the best choice, now that I think about it, to choose to bake them on the day before my weekly weigh-in at Weight Watchers.
However - I did lose 1.6 pounds this week, so that's a good thing. If you can relate at all to the Chocoholic Syndrome, you may be able to understand why my weight loss is a slow process!
But, I'll get there.


Protector of Vintage said...

Those brownies look scrumptious!!

Tina Dawn said...

They look amazing. I'm on my way over... LOL. Love T

Ellie Rae said...

Oh, gosh.....!

Jim J;O) said...

Oh yum! I could end up weighing 300pounds this time next year. Oh my!

best dressedllc said...

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They look amazing.