Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy 90th Anniversary To Better Homes And Gardens!

I could not let April get away without bestowing my heartiest congratulations on a magazine that I LOVE. Better Homes And Gardens Magazine celebrates their 90th anniversary this month.
I collect the vintage issues, and they are threatening to run me out of my home. But, I simply cannot get enough of them.
From 1929:
The 1930's:
The fab '50's:

The 1960's:

And the 1970's:

And right on up to, and including the current issue - in fact, I feel as though I have been reading it for all of my life. Mother used to get it, and I absolutely remember reading it and enjoying it when I was young. I have been a subscriber for at least three decades and I still thoroughly enjoy each issue.
I will never stop reading it, as long as they keep publishing it!
All the best to you, Better Homes And Gardens - and thank you for a wonderful magazine!


Tina Dawn said...

Love the tulip cover from the 30s. I have always enjoyed reading this magazine from cover to cover, and that is hard to say about many of them. Thanks for a great post. Love T

Paul Duca said...

Nice to see those people in August 1941 enjoying their patio without worrying about what was going on in Europe, or the Japanese military buildup.

Rebecca said...

I am wondering where you girls live? I grew up in Placerville and now live in Utah. I miss California and I enjoy reading your blog!

yosemite faith said...

great salute heidi!