Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Latest Lady

Oh, hello!
I am Heidi's newest "Lady", acquired only recently:
I was more than happy to join the others in her (growing) collection.

Welcome to my world.


Tina Dawn said...

Nice! Welcome Lady. Love T

Jennifer D said...

Oh she is so cute. Can we see the whole collection?

Jill said...

So cute! I would love to see the collection also. I bet it's so cute!

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Jill and Jennifer - Well, she is just my newest 70's bank, I have kind of been showing them one at a time as I have found them. Some are ladies, some men, some animals, etc. I am not happy enough with the way they are currently displayed to take a photo! One of these days, maybe. My other ladies have pincushions on their hats. She is the first one of this type I have found. I'm just obsessed with these fabulous vintage 60's and/or 70's things, lately - that's all there is to it. But thank you!

yosemite faith said...

she's a bank too?! how cool.