Wednesday, April 11, 2012

California Poppies above the South Fork American River near Coloma

Good morning. Tina here, for my Wednesday morning visit.

Our regular visitors might be familiar with my photos of the poppies which bloom gloriously above the river each late winter or early spring in our neck of the woods.
My friend and neighbor Judy recently took the three following photos of the poppies from her home and property. She is closer to their beauty than I am.

I live this shot. Looks like this tree might have a squirrel nest in it.

The poppies just cover the ground. Another reason this is the GOLD country!

A golden carpet leads us down to the river.

Enjoy your spring!


Anonymous said...


moonshinejunkyard said...

OOooooh, so glad you posted this! Reminded me that I need a nice little poppy hike. Gorgeous, now if the rain would let up again!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ms. Junkyard! I dropped into your blog and recognized you from a P’ville bookstore. (Yeah, that one.) The first time my wife & I met you is memorable because some odd man insisted on calling you peculiar names, concluding that your true name was an alias... or something like that. We 5 or so near the counter had one lengthy giggle when he walked out the door. “Who was that? WHAT was that?!”

You’re a lovely mother-to-be. Congratulations. ~~~ Jim & Lori

Ellie Rae said...

Oh, so beautiful!

Jill said...


yosemite faith said...

one year near copperopolis we had this type of scene. i have heard this is a good year. photos i have seen of hites cove look great too. thanks for sharing the beauty.

Paul Duca said...

Look at the lovely POPPIES! POPPIES! POPPIES!

(why do I feel so sleepy?)