Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Few More Things From My "Good-Buy" Box

 So, I believe this is my final post on the "box" full of stuff I bought from the guy at the storage space sale. This sale is held every other weekend or so, and people just open up their storage spaces and offer things for sale. And I think you could just go there and rent an area like at a flea market, too. I have only been a few times, but I have actually found some really neat stuff there. And I'll be back!
 When I spied this owl at the bottom of a box of stuff, I couldn't add it to my pile fast enough! He makes me happy:

 Gorgeous vintage bark cloth - on the bolt! There isn't a lot of it, but I was thrilled to get it, nonetheless. And a nice pair of taper candle holders . These are like the pillar candle holders I collect, but I do not find very many in the same style (and of the same vintage - sixties and seventies) for tapers:

Spools of velvety ribbon:
 Cute graphics on this card of snap fasteners:
 Photo corners and pattern booklets:
 Thread and eyelet ruffle trim, and more:

 A bucket-style vintage handbag and a wicker carrier - for wine, perhaps?

 And last - but certainly not least - this little cutie from Russia:
 With two more just like her inside!

These things, in addition to the patterns in my post on , and the Jiffy Stitchery kits - now you know why I call it my "good-buy" box, right?


holli said...

oh i love that wine carrier basket! Some great vintage finds for sure

Rob and Monica said...

The graphics on some of these new finds are amazing!!! (Rob)

Tina Dawn said...

I love the Russian nesting dolls, those are adorable! Love T

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

So many great vintage finds! I love the graphics on the snaps! Score! Boy, I'd love to go to a storage shed flea-market! How fun!

Georgia Peachez said...

Good buy indeed!!

Rob and Monica said...

Love the Gripper package!~(monica)

Jill said...

It really was a good deal! Love the little nesting doll.

Vintage Coconut said...

OoOoh The owl is so sweet and I adore that fabric. (Great colors)
Very nice finds.

Phyl D. said...

Love all of this so much - hey, that's former model, Patti Hansen (wife of Keith Richards) on the cover of Simplicity Fashion News.

The wine carrier basket could also double as a holder for utensils/napkins for a backyard barbecue.

You have such a good eye for vintage treasures. ;-)