Saturday, March 16, 2013

More Thrift Finds - Again

 Sharing some more of my recent thrift finds today. I make the rounds to our local thrift stores fairly often, which explains why I am constantly sharing my finds with you! Perfect for springtime - a lovely blue bird cage. I added the little red songbird inside:
 I found a pair of enameled pans, another little vase for my growing collection, a green Floraline planter and another candle holder:
 A needlepoint patchwork canvas, ready to be a pillow cover:

Sweet little dresser - I already have one of these that I've owned for decades - and I just couldn't resist another one!

I found not one, but two vintage Chipmunks albums at one of my favorite thrift shops:
They weren't in the best condition, but  after I put them in frames, they look decent enough. I love me some Chipmunks with David Seville. Ross Bagdasarian ( their creator) was a talented and funny man:

I went back to the shop that had somebody's big collection of turtles for sale (where I found this tape dispenser) and decided I needed to add the sixties-era candle holder to my own collection. He's a cutie:

You may have noticed I'm kind of a candle holder freak - here's a tree-shaped one in green, sized to hold a glass votive:

And  yes - one MORE candle holder - this one is very heavy (brass or bronze maybe? I'm not sure how you know?),  and I think it's
rather unusual - sculptural and cool:

 A beautiful lampshade, which I am pretty sure was originally from Anthropologie, although I have not been able to find my older catalogs that I believe will prove the fact:

I found this quirky little handmade ceramic cream pitcher, complete with a face and lips, and of course the long snout!
And quite possibly the brightest handmade floral necktie ever:
 (And, no - I do not buy all of this stuff to keep! Many of my finds go up to our booth at Mountain Treasures, and are for sale.)


lorlore said...

Great scores!!! Love the bright and colorful necktie!!

Tina Dawn said...

I love your little doll dresser, and the bird cage makes me want a bird again! Love T

Annette said...

I'm curious what draws you to the 60's/70's? Is that when you were growing up or does it just appeal to you? I always find it interesting why people are drawn to a certain era. For me it is the 40's/50's before I was born and when I was young and more unaware of the "things" around me.

Mick said...

What colorful finds! IM loving the candle holders and that TIE!

yosemite faith said...

love the little dresser and the bird cage. the rest of your finds were good also