Thursday, March 14, 2013

Columbia Kate's

Columbia Kate's Teahouse is one of my favorite places in Columbia. Yes, I have written about it before. But since I was there again recently, I wanted to share some pictures. Lori and I went in and  had a wonderful lunch there:
She had an egg salad sandwich with salad:

I had their "Tea Sandwich Trio" with salad:
These stands are on every table with mix and match china cups and saucers - you choose your favorites:
The Teahouse is located in an old house, and is decorated so nicely. It's perfect for cozy and comfortable dining; the atmosphere is welcoming:
The owner Clare Bazley recently opened Columbia Kate's Boutique nearby, as well as a bakery. The boutique has some really gorgeous things for sale:

Unique and fabulous clothing:
 Handmade jewelry, like these leather bracelets:
 And other accessories made by talented local crafters:
Unusual socks in such pretty patterns and colors:
 At the front door, a lacy confection:
 Head adornments:
 All sorts of lovely things:
Any one of her three great businesses are well worth a visit, if you happen to be visiting Columbia Historic State Park!


Tina Dawn said...

I am looking forward to going there someday, both the places look beautiful. What is her third business? Love T

Tina Dawn said...

Aha! Just noticed you said also a bakery. Sounds delightful. Love T

yosemite faith said...

sounds like a few new businesses since i left - looks like some good ones.