Saturday, March 2, 2013

Takahashi Handblown Glass

I found the first two photos in this post on the internet somewhere, to show you examples of Takahashi hand blown glass canisters with the original labels intact.
 In the photo below are the pair I found at a thrift store here in town. The larger one has a very faded label remaining, and a little damage on the handle, as you can see:

Another example (in amber glass) with the label intact is seen below:

Mine again, shown from a different angle:

I was lucky to find them. I think if the labels had been complete and legible, they would have been priced far higher than they were!
I love 70's glassware, and the fact that they are this pretty tangerine color makes them even more special , in my opinion.
I think you already know how tickled I get when I find great things at great prices!
Love it!


Tina Dawn said...

They are really great, love the color! And now you can carry around your salsa anywhere you go. Love T

yosemite faith said...

you know i love that first jacket - great find