Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Where's Luna?

Good morning, hopefully. Tina here. I am sorry I am so late, but I am distracted this morning. 

Our lovely little kitty girl, Luna, is missing. She was outside late last night, she doesn't like to come in when Ishi is around, she really doesn't like him, and growls rather gloriously when he gets near.

Luna is a native of Garden Valley, just up the highway from Kelsey, and she will be 10 years old in July, but you would never know it. She could lie about her age and no one would guess.


She has stayed outside at night before, but last night a big storm came in "like a lion" as they say about March, and this morning she is no where to be found.  I am hoping my hubby let her inside when he got up at 5:00 am and she is hunkered down somewhere in our house (where hidey-holes abound) and just not answering my call.  Outside it is blustery and wet and if she is still out there, I hope she is in a good spot to stay warm.

I have tried calling her, with her special call: "Luna poots, puss in boots, Luna, come on Luna!, Come on pretty girl!" Nothing.
Anyway, that is about all I can think about this morning. Come on Luna!

Update: At about 4 pm all the cats decided to gather at the foot of the stairs asking to go outside... including Luna! So she was hiding inside all day. No idea where, and I will probably never know. She slept inside last night, under the covers and really close to me. Thank you to everyone for their concern!


Coffee Lady said...

oh I hope you find her. We lost 2 of our cats in 1 year to coyotes and our next door neighbor lost 2 as well. I have one cat left and she is elderly (but also looks awesome for her age) and we make sure she doesn't go out at night anymore. She will meow and make a fuss, body slam the door and scratch but we are firm. She usually settles down in a bedroom.

Heidi Ann said...

Oh, no - she has to be out there curled up somewhere waiting until she feels like coming inside!

Tami Von Zalez said...

I sure hope she shows up. I lost my kitty Madalin a few months ago. We are sure it was one of the numerous predators we have roaming the foothills. She was a "city" kitty, I got her from a couple who lived in an apartment in Carmichael and advertised her on Craigslist.

Now I have a "country" kitty, Xena. She came from the Amador County animal shelter and she sticks pretty close to the house.

Andy's Attic said...

I hope she shows up soon. I was frantic about mine day after calling and searching everywhere I could think of and I turned in my chair to get up and there she was.
Sending good kitty thoughts your way!!

yosemite faith said...

i am exactly the same way - that would be all that was on my mind. i hope luna is home by now. thinking of you and luna. sending the best to you both from michigan!

Diane said...

So glad your story has a happy ending. We could use more of those!

Anusha said...

OMG what a scare! So glad you found her!