Monday, March 11, 2013

Some Like It Hot ?

Sis Lori here:
I didn't know about this, and I like Dr. Pepper.
Of course, I was only 12 back in 1967, and we didn't drink a lot of sodas - or "pop", as it was called.
It sounds good, though - and I may just try it sometime!
                            (Are you a "Pepper", too?)
                   Source: an ad in a 1967 Look Magazine.


Tina Dawn said...

Back in the early '70s, my friends and I drank Diet Dr. Pepper all the time. I still like it a lot, but never drink it, it is pretty much ice water for me now. I have never had it warmed up. Very interesting. I don't think it caught on. Love T

Diane said...

Hot? Hmm... Never heard of that!

Andy's Attic said...

I lived in the south in the 60's and we drank Dr Pepper alot. It is really good with potato chips.
Also I'm wondering if Tina's kitty came home...I've been worried.

Tina Dawn said...

Hi Andy's Attic. This is Tina. I added a bit on the bottom of my post the next day, which you didn't see.
She was in the house the whole time!!! Thank you for being concerned about her, she is a good little kitty. She just hides really well. Tina

Vintage Coconut said...

I like my Dr.Pepper cold. *hehe*

yosemite faith said...

my dad used to drink warmed up vernors when he was sick. of course that was when they still aged it in oak barrels and it was so fizzy when you first poured it, you would often sneeze. its not like that anymore. i found a place, while living in california, that i could buy it. its a 'michigan thing'.