Monday, March 18, 2013

Then And Now #94 Weight Watchers Entrees

The Weight Watcher's frozen dinner with turkey, gravy and vegetables shown in this ad is from back in 1982:
Back "Then", you got stuffing and  two different vegetables with your turkey.
I think it looks pretty darned good:
"Now", you can still pick up a "Smart Ones" brand frozen entree with turkey at your friendly neighborhood supermarket. But this one has mashed potatoes. It's good - I've had it many times, and I like it very much.
You can always add your own broccoli and carrots!

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Tina Dawn said...

They both look good. I made carrots yesterday for a St. Patrick's Day dinner, but the other ingredients that went into the crock pot with the carrot coins were butter and brown sugar. Probably not the recipe that WW would like me to choose, but even the carrot hater at our dinner ate them and liked them! Love T