Friday, January 18, 2013

Turtle Love

I collected turtles YEARS ago. It got out of hand because people started giving me turtle everything. I didn't need turtle everything. I got rid of a lot of them, and kept only very small ones , most of which are in a little glass case. This one I am showing you today is not part of that old collection. This one was part of another person's vintage collection. There were tons of turtles for sale at one of the thrift stores I frequent. Someone parted with their BIG collection - and quite a few of them were pretty neat, actually. But I don't need a bunch of turtles. However, I could not resist this adorable tape dispenser!
Below, you see the label on the bottom. Holiday Fair, from 1971.
Turtle Love from the 70's - yep, I had to have it!


Tina Dawn said...

I love it! It would go well with the mushrooms I used to collect from the 70s. Great find. Love T

Jennifer D said...

He is so cool! I collected frogs when I was younger and just like you I started to get way too many frogs. Froggie everything. For my dear cousin it was bears.We even called her Pooh Bear. I would love to see your all of your turtles and all of Tina's mushrooms too!