Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First Vera Neumann Post Of 2013

Thought I would just do a quick post to show you my first few Vera Neumann finds of the year. We'll start with this pretty scarf. Lori asked me recently: how do I know when I see a vintage Vera scarf in a big bin or bunch of rumpled, wrinkled scarves at a thrift store? A very good question, and it has an answer that is difficult to explain. Sometimes, I just know. I see a little peek of colors, or patterns, or flowers, and I think "Hmm...is that a Vera?", and I pull it out for a closer look - and it IS.
I'm not always right - but a lot of the time, I am. I guess I simply can recognize her style fairly easily at this point.
I am drawn to them:
I showed you the Vera Christmas towel I got last month at Crate And Barrel in an earlier post. 
Well, when I went back to the store, I got another one:
So pretty and colorful:
And I also found a pair of vintage table napkins at a thrift store, as seen below:
Same as with the scarves - I'll be digging through and I'll think  "Oh, this might be one!"
And, it is.


Diane said...

Sometimes her style is easy to spot. After your post about Vera towels at C & B, I bought a Xmas one! Thanks for the heads-up!

Tina Dawn said...

Great finds. Her bright and individual style does stand out! Love T

Jill said...

That's a pretty Vera - there are just so many, I never see a duplicate!!!

It's amazing how we can pick them out - I just wish they were more plentiful...

Anusha said...

Oh I loooove Vera! What beautiful finds!

I found your blog and wanted to tell you how much I love it! And I'm sort of a local too -- live in Roseville! But I'm originally from Sri Lanka and have a blog about blending Sri Lankan and Midcentury decor: http://midceylontury.blogspot.com/

I added your blog to my list ... hope that's okay! :o)

yosemite faith said...

you always manage to do it right