Monday, January 21, 2013

Back to Roseville, And Way To Go, Sears!!

Nearly six weeks after Lori and I had gone to Roseville to do some shopping, we made it back down there again. I had more than one reason for going. I had purchased a travel-type bag at Vera Bradley , and after I got it home I realized that it was not what I needed at all. It was too big. Plus, I had ordered a wallet online when they had a special 50% off sale, and I had neglected to really read the dimensions in the description. (Stupid, I know.) So, when it arrived in the mail, I was like - oh, um, no, this isn't going to work for me, either. So I needed to return them.
I love the Vera Bradley store. One time when Lori went, she showed you all a picture of a cookie she got there. They had cookies this time, too! And pretty little bottles of water. And I got a smaller wallet that WILL work for me, and returned my large duffel bag (more about that in a later post). The cookie was really good, and isn't it an awfully nice touch for them to have little extras like that sometimes?
I surely think so:
The other main reason we went back was because I needed to go back to Sears. While I was there, I bought some more of these Land's End socks, because I LOVE the one pair I'd gotten on my first visit. This time, they were on sale for 50% off. Cool:
But mostly, I was there because they had neglected to remove the ink-filled security tag from my pretty pink Land's End rain parka I had purchased six weeks prior. And it had rained quite a bit during that six weeks. And I couldn't wear my raincoat. And I was pretty unhappy about it.
 I had called the store, couldn't get through to a live person, and left a message for a manager to please call me. They never did.
I had called Land's End catalog, and they couldn't help me unless I wanted to mail it to them. I didn't.
I went to EVERY retail store here in Sonora that I thought might be able to remove the tag for me. They couldn't - they didn't use the same size tool required for mine.
Roseville Galleria mall is a LONG way from my home in Sonora. And did I say I was unhappy about all of this?
Yes, I did.
I had it all planned what I was going to do and say when I got there. I felt I deserved some sort of compensation for the trouble of coming all the way back, and I was going to ask for a manager, and I was going to complain - nicely. And then, before we got there, I told Lori that I did not think I was going to have the nerve to ask for what I wanted. So I just wanted the stupid tag removed so I could wear my raincoat, finally.
But, guess what? After I politely told the young man and woman at the register that I would like to talk to a manager, and they removed the tag, and called the manager, and I explained the whole story; the manager resolved the matter for me without my even needing to ask - and actually gave me exactly what I had intended to ask for!! She had the young man at the register credit me $20 on the card I had used to make my purchase. I had wanted to ask for a $20 gift card or something like that. She said normally they would do $5, but my situation was quite different in the fact that I had traveled so far.
 Now, I ask you: how's THAT for Customer Service? (Yes, with a capital "C" and a capital "S".)
 Seriously, I was incredibly happy and extremely impressed.
And that's why I say "Way to go, Sears!! And thank you SO much!" I have since purchased an inexpensive and pretty scarf to wear with my coat:
And , believe it or not - true story - when we walked out of the stores at the mall that day at 5pm, it began to rain - as if on cue. And I just happened to have a lovely new raincoat there in my bag to put on!
Rant done. Problem solved. Story over.
(And if you managed somehow to get through all of this, I thank you, as well.)


Tina Dawn said...

I managed to get through all of it, but you never told us what it was you didn't, ask for but got anyway. Unless I missed it somehow. Glad you got it, whatever it is. Love your parka! Love T

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Tina - I had initially though that maybe I shouldn't post what the actual result had been - like maybe I could get somebody in trouble or something. But after reading your comment, I realized it didn't seem fair to kind of leave readers hanging, either. So I edited the post to add what the manager gave me. She was very nice to do that.

Tina Dawn said...

Thanks! I was dangling out there in space, I feel better now... LOL

Tami Von Zalez said...

I would want to be wearing that adorable pink raincoat too!

Jennifer D said...

I love your new coat and scarf! I am so happy Sears is still a good company.

yosemite faith said...

glad it all worked out - i love good customer service. i just had a fantastic experience with apple ( or should i say apple care - i purchased it with my new computer ) - they just went above and beyond to fix a problem they didn't cause bt city mac (traverse city apple retailer) did! i am still in awe over what they did for me.